Shenny Merali

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We believe in Giving Back
  • Volunteering for prairies Ismaili community since I was 10 years old
  • Volunteering for YMCA
  • Volunteering for Multi-Generation senior home for transitioning / lease /moving

Once I show you around, I’m convinced you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own in the mountains. When to buy? Where to buy? What areas should I avoid? How can I really make sure I’m getting a good deal? These are the questions I can help you answer. Give me a call today at 403-399-2926 and let’s get started!

Why We are Different

Leveraging our experience as successful business owners we are known for outstanding client service, 24/7 AVAILABILITY, high tech marketing techniques Personal touches and as skilled negotiator with our client best interests at HEART.

We believe strongly that it is not only our duty to represent our clients to the best of our ability, but also to educate them throughout every step of the process.

Zully and I have the experience and local know-how to help you make the best possible decisions. I also have specialized training in real estate negotiation, so having me on your side means you’re working with a real professional I’d like to earn your business, so call me today and I’ll work extra hard to make sure your real estate transaction is a complete success!

As experienced agents, Zully and I understand that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life and views representation and guidance of our clients through this process as a true privilege.
Our background in sales to tout our strong negotiation skills, and this helps to make a compelling case for her as an agent you want on your side

Expertise: Residential property sales and exchanges including
Languages: English, French, Swahili, Hindi, Gujarati, and Kachi


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